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All All 4 Reasons Why You Should Incorporate Virtual Reality At Your Next Event

4 Reasons Why You Should Incorporate Virtual Reality At Your Next Event

There is no question that virtual reality is one of the most popular emerging trends in modern age. It can provide authentic experiences and deeper insights into any product or event. Virtual reality can also make your next event a huge success!

A few industries that are implementing VR techniques are real estate, gaming, and healthcare.  By using virtual reality as a fun and innovative solution, you can make your event unique while keeping your attendees engaged.

Event organizers are striving to integrate the latest technology into their events. VR has the potential to entirely renovate the events industry single handedly.

Different Ways Virtual Reality Can Be Implemented At Events

  • Host interactive virtual meetings:
    Attendees can use VR to direct their experiences remotely, by being able to participate in an event without physically being there. One of many 360-degree cameras such as Samsung Gear 360 or the LG 360 Cam make it possible for attendees to be present at an event as if they were there alongside others. There might be a possibility in the near future that VR could replace physical venues allowing people to attend events from the comfort of their own home. This will allow your event to be more accessible to audiences worldwide.
  • VR Gamification:
    Not everyone uses VR headsets; many of your attendees may not even have had a hands-on experience with them. Setting up VR booths at your event, before and during an event would certainly attract attention by allowing attendees to experiment with a VR headset. Using VR, combined with Image Recognition Technology, makes it easier to create simple games at your events. Letting your participants play games via VR will ensure that the focus is on you. Your attendees, therefore, become your participants. This improves the overall engagement between you and your participants. 
  • Take it up a notch:
    Pictures, slide shows and/or videos are present for nearly every single event. VR can be a great high-tech alternative to these rather old school methods. You can make presentations come alive with Virtual Reality, boosting attendee engagement while being fun and informative. Rather than providing high-tech or expensive VR headsets to your attendees, the Google Cardboard can do the trick rather cheaply as all it takes is two pictures, one for each eye, a caption and a transition.
  • Product Testing:
    Consumers like to have a hands on experience with new products before buying them, hence the term product testing. This is why we see people trying out Apple devices at WWDC or generally any product right after the launch event. While small density products are more accessible for numerous attendees to test, it gets harder as the size of the product increases. VR has made it easier to test a variety of products no matter the size or the number of attendees. A good example of this is Volvo with their launch of XC90 SUV in 2014 and mind you, we are in 2017.

The lifecycle of an event is rather simple. It starts with a lot of buzz pre-event, during the event and shortly after the event. However, what’s important is for your event to be ingrained in the minds of your attendees. Integrating VR at your event will make it worth remembering for a longer period of time. In the core of an event lies attendee engagement and the many benefits of VR such as virtual meetings, gamification, interactive presentations and product testing will able able to keep them engaged. Increased engagement allows for a superior connection among your attendees and you. Ultimately, virtual reality may be the missing source for the superior connection you want.

Through our R&D division – InnovationLabb, TheAppLabb builds solutions with emerging technologies, Virtual Reality being one among many. Our event mobile platform, TheEventsApp allows event organizers to inform, update, engage and delight their Sponsors, Speakers, Attendees and Exhibitors. Emerging technology is the current trend and it’s time for you and your business to get on board!


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