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All All 5 reasons why you need to make training fun

5 reasons why you need to make training fun


You might be someone who says: “I’ve tried many things, but after a couple sessions, the staff gets bored again”.

If you attended our Webinar Series on Wednesday, “The Age of Gamification in Training”, you got a good idea on how to bring more fun into your corporate training!

But if you didn’t, here’s a bit more on what Gamification is?
Gamification “is the use of game thinking and game mechanics in non-game contexts to engage users in solving problems.”

Games can easily engage, motivate and trigger a desired behavior which can be gratified & equated with incentives & rewards. This helps the team move towards goals with a fun aspect incorporated.

1. Gamification = Learning + Progressive Incentives

If you have already implemented an App for your training sessions where your staff can take courses and exams, why not add a gamification feature to it? By turning traditional training into learning via games, you will see an increase in performance & productivity levels.

2. Set up the goals

Make sure the goals of the game are clear to your staff. Be transparent about their results and provide fast feedback so motivation stays strong.

3. Staff engaged & motivated with Business Goals & Objectives

Gamification needs to be linked to your business goals and objectives. It should engage & lead your staff to the desired results. Gamification has always been used for corporate training and more so today with the high presence of mobile technologies. Many large & small companies have started to implement these tools internally as well.

4. Millennial Generation

The current adult generation grew up playing video games. They are very familiar with game mechanisms and although they might stop playing consoles, they still play on their smartphones. Both company owners and employees that are part of this generation highly value & enjoy this new training trend.

5. It’s time to change it!

Always keep content fresh. Change the game interface, colors and dashboard. If you are using this training app more than once, make sure to enhance the user experience to keep the motivation alive and kicking!

If you are looking for new training solutions for your company, don’t forget to check TheLearnApp to see how this platform can help you and your staff be more successful.


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