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For Start-ups that get selected into TheAppLabb’s accelerator program – StartupLabb, TheAppLabb invests in form of Product Development, along with Technology, Corporate Development and Community support, as well access to the experiments in our innovation lab.

Eligibility Requirements

To qualify for the StartupLabb Accelerator Program, your startup must:

  • Be Technology oriented (preferably mobile)
  • Have potential for global scalability
  • Have an innovative idea, with demonstrable demand
  • Have a strong, driven, coachable team
  • Have willingness to learn
  • Have at least one founder with experience in the relevant industry
  • Have prepared a business plan
  • Have prepared financial projections, based on logical and reasonable assumptions
Program Benefits

As a part of the accelerator program, in exchange of equity, the startups will receive following:


  • Product validation
  • Product strategy
  • Product road-mapping
  • Documentation
  • UX Analysis & Design
  • Creative Direction & UI Design
  • Prototype creation
  • Proof of Concept creation
  • Front-end App Development (iOS, Android, Web)
  • Back-end App & Database Development
  • Testing & Deployment
  • Data Analytics
  • Growth hacking

  • Technology leadership
  • Pre-built frameworks for:
    1. On demand apps
    2. Chatbot apps
    3. Mobile commerce
    4. Mobile Training
  •  Pre-existing Partnerships for
    1. Cloud hosting
    2. 3rd parties such as Analytics, DB / Backend as service
    3. Artificial Intelligence services
    4. Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality /IOT hardware providers
  • Access to solutions from our Innovation Labb (AI, IoT, VR, AR)

  • Mentoring and positioning for incremental business valuation through:
    1. Capital initiatives (Angels, VCs, Private Equity, Grants, etc.)
    2. Revenue Initiatives
    3. M&A
    4. Business expansion
    5. Diversification
    6. Strategic partnering
    7. Alliances
    8. International growth
  • Business Strategy & Planning
  • Pitch decks & financial projections
  • Scalable growth metrics & drivers
  • Marketing Strategy

  • Sourcing co-investment & funding
  • Access to networked business community and value-chains
  • Introductions to:
    1. Advisors,
    2. Partners
    3. Professional Experts:
      1. Recruiting / Human Resources
      2. Finance
      3. Accounting
      4. Business operations
      5. Legal
      6. Analytics
      7. Privacy / Security

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