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All All From Annoyance to Instrumental – 5 tips on how to use Push Messaging

From Annoyance to Instrumental – 5 tips on how to use Push Messaging


One of the most effective ways to keep your event attendees informed, updated & engaged at all times, is to implement the use of push messages into your mobile app.

Some people like it and find it useful, while others would say that it can get quite annoying & pushy. In this post, we will try not just to point out a few “annoying” push messaging practices, but most importantly, to show how to get your attendee’s attention in a relevant way.

1. Before the Event

Reminding the users before the event is a great thing. A few relevant things for this first phase would be sending out messages about directions, parking info, public transit or any updates to the schedule. Anything to help the event attendees before they get to the venue, is considered helpful.

2. Keep your messages going during the break – not during the speaking sessions!

Don’t make your attendee’s life harder! If they are watching a speaking session, try to schedule your push messages to the last couple minutes of the speaking session. Nobody likes to get interrupted during an interesting session by a speaker they’ve been waiting for so long to see, by pop ups on their phone screen.

3. Edit push settings easily & keep track of the amount of messages

Always keep track of your priorities! Know how many push messages you have already sent and keep a good amount of time between each. Nobody likes to get bombarded, even if they are ok to get updates. Another thing that’s important, it’s to make sure it is easy for your app users to edit the push settings: turn it on or off should be easy. Also, it’s important to make it easy for your app users to be able to turn the settings on or off easily.

4. 200 characters: be relevant!

iOS devices have a limit of 200 characters on each push notification. It is important to see how it looks in the CMS before sending it out and, if the message actually informs the user clearly.

5. Be personal

From the info gathered from the app download, try to send 1 or 2 personal messages to the attendee. After download & at the last day of the event, it’s a good idea to reward the user for using your app. Any rewards should have the person’s name in the notification.


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