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All All Apple’s ResearchKit is exciting for the future of medicine

Apple’s ResearchKit is exciting for the future of medicine


Apple’s ResearchKit framework has a great potential to produce significant changes in the area of Big Health Data.

Medical researchers can now develop iOS apps that will help them recruit participants for their studies, without the need for the participants to set foot in their labs. As it is very challenging to recruit patients for a study, this will be a great benefit to medical research, especially considering the large number of iOS users. As quoted by Dr. Eduardo Sanchez, from American Heart Association –

“Numbers are everything. The more people who contribute their data, the bigger the numbers, the truer the representation of a population, and the more powerful the results. A research platform that allows large amounts of data to be collected and shared — that can only be a positive thing for medical research.”

Here are some comparisons between traditional methods and ResearchKit:


By giving everyone with iOS device an ability to track their symptoms and share them with doctors, it has potential to help people in a big way. Medical practitioners can analyze the data and provide expert feedback, which can have huge impact on an individual’s health.

Apps have already been launched using ResearchKit to help patients of Parkinson’s Disease measure dexterity, balance, and agility; help diabetes patients manage their conditions; help people detect their risk of heart disease, and for breast cancer patients to help track their post-treatment experiences.

TheAppLabb is currently working with its clients in the field of medicine and medical research, to come up with innovative solutions by leveraging on ResearchKit to solve the needs of their patients and their research departments. The possibilities are endless!

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