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All All BetaKit tells TheAppLabb story

BetaKit tells TheAppLabb story

“The act of facing overwhelming odds produces greatness and beauty.”
― Brown and Company Little, David and Goliath: Underdogs, Misfits, and the Art of Battling Giants

It brings us great pleasure to share that BetaKit generously showcased our story of making it on our own, by building ourselves from the ground up.

BetaKit is a Canadian StartUp News & Emerging Technology focused website. The idea behind BetaKit is to highly value deeper reports on innovations as well as the quality of a new product or service – leaving on the side the already well-established big players or the amount of figures spent on a project. Visit them for the latest at www.betakit.com.

“At BetaKit, we care about providing the what, but we are also committed to explaining why it matters. Breaking news is important, but so is relating news to larger industry trends, and telling you why you and your company should care.”

Joseph Czikk the author of the article “TheAppLabb built itself from the ground up” & Managing Editor at BetaKit took the time to understand the story behind TheAppLabb today.

“TheAppLabb founder Kundan Joshi started his Toronto-based app development firm while he was still finishing his software engineering degree. Then the company was known as “Joshi Inc.”, while today TheAppLabb stands strong with a total of over 50 team members, having created apps for clients like Rogers, Bell Media, Gluten Free Expo and the Banff World Media Festival, among others.”

Talking about Tech startups, can a startup actually afford TheAppLabb’s prices? We didn’t talk specifics, but Joshi said the answer is yes. “They can actually, and that’s the unique model that we have. While we pride ourselves on the kind of quality and proficiency in the app experience, we do have very affordable prices and various approaches when it comes to tech startups.”

Click here to read the entire article http://www.betakit.com/the-app-labb-built-itself-from-the-ground-up/

Joseph Czikk (who wrote about TheAppLabb) is the Managing Editor at BetaKit and was previously a writer at Techvibes.

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