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All All Bring Your Business To Life With a Chatbot

Bring Your Business To Life With a Chatbot

What is better than a quick and hassle-free service with just a tap? Utilizing chatbots in e-commerce businesses can unlock many possibilities with a promise of an optimized experience! Technology has the power to not only engage consumers but can also help grow a business significantly. A chatbot fits in the puzzle towards an increase of sales as well as convenience.

Benefits of Implementing a Chatbot

  • The ability to deliver answers and manage issues promptly,  therefore improving customer service and the overall outlook of the company.
  • Re-engage customers with up-to-date promotions and product launch notifications
  • Promote 24/7 availability that welcomes all consumers throughout the day, forming meaningful relationships.
  • Tailor to a consumer’s needs and services by being unique to anyone.
  • Guarantee customer satisfaction with an automated order process.

Companies are recommended to implement chatbots if they have yet to. In fact, in 2016, Microsoft created a chatbot developer tool that provides support programmers to create bots for their current apps. Likewise, Facebook is providing toolkits for developers to create chatbots with automated features such as structured messaging, call-to-action prompts, and URL links, all in hopes to improve the relationship between ecommerce and chatbots.

Consumers hoping to receive information and updates from the store while shopping is becoming more common. Luckily chatbots can provide this feature as they are integrated directly into the channels where customers shop, ultimately improving their experience as shopping time is reduced. Businesses also benefit as they save time searching for a customer care representative, leading to an increase in ROI as costs reduce.

Chatbots and Artificial Intelligence is still an emerging technology but pressure is on for e-commerce businesses. If they do not start implementing and finding methods to improve customer experiences on their sales channels, their customers will move somewhere else. Therefore, taking into consideration the benefits of implementing chatbots, businesses should start looking into applying this into their sales channels.

Through our R&D division – InnovationLabb, TheAppLabb builds solutions with emerging technologies like Artificial Intelligence, IOT, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Blockchain. Emerging technology is the current trend and it’s time for you and your business to get on board!

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