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All All Five Ways to Get More App Downloads

Five Ways to Get More App Downloads

After months of strategizing, wireframing, designing and developing your work is finally done — your app is up and running and ready to take the world by storm. But after a few weeks it becomes clear something’s terribly wrong: no one is downloading it. What could be the problem? The truth is, whether you’re an enterprise brand or a startup founder, you still have work to do to help your app become a success. So, to get you on the right track here are five ways to get more app downloads.

Get Some Attention

Market your app! Write press releases to get the word out, and reach out to media contacts. Just include a few details about what your app does and the people who made it, and services like appshout! and TargetWire can help you distribute them. For even more impact, personally reach out to mid-tier blogs for reviews. While they may have less traffic, that means your app will stay news longer — and chances are one of the big blogs may take notice. With every new review, make sure to leverage that media attention to get as much coverage as possible.

Localize Your App

After all the blood, sweat and tears that went into the creation of your app, it would be a shame to miss out on a wider audience — that’s why it’s important to localize your app. Translate content into common languages like French and Mandarin, depending on your targeted market. If the budget is tight, look for professional translators on freelancing marketplaces like Upwork, or call in a favour from a fluent friend. Don’t forget to translate App Store descriptions!

Drop The Price

Once you get some buzz going, your next step is to capitalize on all that hard work and get as many downloads as you can, as fast as you can. How? Consider effectively eliminating the barrier to download for many users by making your app half price or even free for a limited time. Why? Because the number of downloads in a set period of time is a key factor in increasing an app’s rank and visibility in the App Store, making it free will end up making you more money in the long run. Even after the download spike subsides and you set the price back to normal, you should still see consistent downloads thanks to your newly improved status in the search results.

Optimize Your Website

Yes, you’ve created a mobile app, but don’t underestimate the power of a website, even if it’s just a simple landing page. Use SEO to drive traffic, and don’t stop at a download link — add all the information a user could possibly be looking for, from app description & screenshots to a contact form for feedback, and links to social media (you have social media channels for your app, right?). Be open and engaged: a well-curated social media presence can make all the difference.

Know Your Users

Finally, there’s a secret weapon that can help you keep your users happy: analytics. Use the data you get from your users to make adjustments, additions and changes in direction to your app in order to maximize user satisfaction & retention. There are so many tools to choose from that can help you make sense of all this data, from Google Analytics for Mobile Apps to Countly — try a few out and see what works best for you. Remember, most apps only retain about 20% of their users. Do everything you can to keep them once you get them.


If you follow these tips, with a little effort and a little luck you’ll see those download numbers start to shoot up.

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