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All All The Gluten Free Expo App got featured at ContractIQ

The Gluten Free Expo App got featured at ContractIQ


We are thrilled to share that “The Gluten Free Expo” App (created by TheAppLabb using TheEventsApp platform) was featured on ContractIQ website. You can visit them at contractiq.com to learn more.

ContractIQ is the showcase for top mobile app developer that build interesting apps and tools.

The Gluten Free Expo app enabled the event attendees to view event schedule, list of exhibitors and supporters of the Expo. Users could also obtain e-Coupons via the app to use at booths at the expo. The app also featured a detailed floor map of the expo and users could buy tickets to the expo from the app.

The app features social media integration with Facebook and Twitter and users could invite their friends to the event. Users can also subscribe to the Gluten Free Expo newsletter to receive updates through e-mail. Included within the app is a recipe guide as well as a product guide which feature gluten free products.

The app was created using TheEventsApp platform. To learn more about TheEventsApp, click here.
If you are interested in learning more about the Project, visit the case study here.



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