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All All Happy Father’s Day! Here Are the Top Apps for Dads

Happy Father’s Day! Here Are the Top Apps for Dads

With Father’s Day just around the corner, the annual struggle to find that perfect gift for Dad has begun. It may not be as big or expensive as a birthday gift, but it still needs to show appreciation for him putting up with you throughout the years. Moms can be relatively easy to shop for: flowers, a card, maybe some chocolate and you’re done. Fathers, however, usually prefer something more practical and useful that doesn’t wither away within the week. So, why not start with an app? Apps can be much more helpful than a random trinket or tool and have a positive impact on your dad’s day-to-day. Here we’ve scoured the App Stores and found some of the most useful apps that can help Dad be healthier, gain skills, and become more efficient.

Rapala Lure Selector

For the fisherman father, Rapala takes the guesswork out of choosing a lure. For many, buying and using the right kind of lure can be more luck than skill. This app lets you select the perfect lure depending on current conditions such as the kind of fish you’re going after, weather conditions, water depth and more. With Rapala your phone will become an integral part of your tackle box, getting your dad more bites, more catches, and more bragging rights.

Couch to 5k

Is Dad getting a bit pudgy, but you just don’t know how to break it to him? Give him a little nudge with an app that’ll supportively get him off the couch and into the old running shoes. Couch to 5k has been taking the healthy living scene by storm, and with a massive success rate and a growing following this app has been helping people achieve their fitness goals around the world. With a simple routine that only needs 30 minutes a few times a week, tons of features to make running as enjoyable as possible and in-app encouragement & rewards, this app makes it easier than ever to get active.


Whether it’s to unwind after work or entertain the guys on the weekend, sometimes Dad needs to make a drink. What to do when the basic beer or wine options don’t cut it and you’re looking for something a little more refined? With Mixologist, thousands of cocktail recipes are at your fingertips and a drink for any taste or occasion can be quickly searched for and served. Even with a limited cabinet, the ingredients you have on hand can be entered and a list of options will be generated. Plus, along with teaching tips & techniques for mixing drinks, this app can also help you find nearby liquor stores when it’s time to stock up.

Forks Over Knives

Want to help Dad tap into his inner chef? Even if you’re just tired of his tried and true recipes, here’s an app that’s sure to spice things up in the kitchen. From the makers of the film Forks Over Knives, this app offers over 200 elegant, delicious meals from some of the top chefs in the world. Each meal is whole-food based, designed in a way health professionals claim can help prevent problems such as heart disease and diabetes. With a step-by-step cooking guide, shopping list sync, ingredients list and an easy-to-use interface, this app can turn anyone into a foodie. Ranked the #1 food app by Apple and constantly updated with new content, for $6.99 this could be a gift that keeps on giving.

Clear – Tasks, Reminders & To Dos

If your dad’s the forgetful type, clearly that crumpled up sticky note in his pocket just isn’t cutting it. Why not streamline everything that needs to be done with one simple app? Clear is a feature-rich, award-winning productivity app that can get anyone’s cluttered life back on track. By creating multiple lists, each with their own themes and reminders, Clear can organize everything you need to do from daily tasks to yearly ones. Plus, with iCloud compatibility you can easily sync Clear across multiple devices. Project checklists, shopping lists, birthday reminders and that perfect gift idea you thought of a week ago – Clear will make sure Dad forgets things a lot less.


There you have it! Show your Dad these apps this weekend while he’s kicking back on the couch and see how much they can improve his life.

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