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All All Happy International Women’s Day! Check Out the Coolest Female-Founded Startups That Use Apps

Happy International Women’s Day! Check Out the Coolest Female-Founded Startups That Use Apps

From Ada Lovelace (the English mathematician also arguably the first computer programmer) to Margaret Hamilton (the computer scientist who wrote the code that landed us on the moon), women have always had a profound effect on the tech world. But it’s only in recent years that their contributions have become more noticed. With each passing year, more and more women are breaking new ground and making noise in the startup world. So, since today is International Women’s Day, we’re taking the opportunity to celebrate some of the coolest startups founded by women that use apps.


Jewelbots – Sara Chipps & Brooke Moreland

Jewelbots are, simply put, friendship bracelets that teach girls how to code. Using the iOS + Android compatible app, girls can program their bracelets to emit different colours & patterns of light to communicate with their friends. After hitting their initial goal of $30,000 in just 19 hours, they raised over $166,000 on Kickstarter proving people believe in their mission to empower the next generation of female engineers & coders.


Revel Systems – Lisa Falzone

By combining the mobility of the iPad with cloud-based technology, cofounders Lisa Falzone and Chris Ciabarra created an iOS-based point of sale solution for restaurants and retail stores alike. With a plethora of supporting apps including a customizable white label mobile app that lets customers pre-order on the go, they’ve revolutionized the way businesses handle their day to day. Founded in 2010, they’ve raised over $127 million in funding and boast 400 employees.


SOLS – Kegan Schouwenburg

Founded by former 3D printery director Kegan Schouwenburg, SOLS uses 3D printing to create customized orthotic insoles and send them directly to consumers. Using SOLS’ iPhone app, people simply snap a photo of each foot sole and send them in. From there, reference points are created and perfectly fitted insoles are 3D printed and sent along to their new owners. Since the seed round, they’ve gained an additional $17 million in funding.


Hey! VINA – Olivia June Poole & Jen Aprahamian

Hey! VINA is a brand new app that matches up like-minded women looking for new friends. Called “a Tinder for (girl) friends” by Techcrunch, users connect their Facebook accounts to help find mutual friends and take quizzes to assess personality and interests. Whether users are new to their city, looking for a yoga partner or simply just looking to meet new friends, the app helps women connect.

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