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All All Happy Mother’s Day! Check Out the Top Apps to Brighten Her Day

Happy Mother’s Day! Check Out the Top Apps to Brighten Her Day

As we’re sure you already know, Mother’s Day is coming up this Sunday. Along with flowers, chocolate and a day at the spa, wouldn’t it be nice if you could suggest some apps that would make every day a little bit easier for the moms in your life? Here at TheAppLabb, we figured we’re the perfect people to help you out. These are some of the top apps for Mother’s Day to make her days a little brighter.



Forget to pick out the perfect card for Mom? Don’t worry, online cardmakers CleverCards have you covered — you might just have to finally accept Mom’s Facebook friend request. The CleverCards app has several beautiful templates to choose from, and you can go the extra mile and personalize your card with photos and a special message right on your smartphone or tablet. Plus, you can set a reminder for next year and score some brownie points with Mom by having CleverCards locally print & deliver your sentiments the old-fashioned way: through the mail. But if you’re reading this on Sunday and just realized what day it is, don’t fret — you can also share an e-card via Facebook or email instantly. It’s the thought that counts.



For most moms, there never seems to be enough hours in the day. It’s hard for moms to unwind and enjoy their rare moments off when they’re mentally running through a checklist of chores that keep being put off: wash the car, mow the lawn, paint the garage… it never ends. Luckily, there’s an app Mom can use to outsource all those terrible tasks: LocaWoka! LocaWoka is an easy way to get things done at the touch of a button: just post your task description & deadline, choose a trusted “Woka” to do the dirty work, then sit back and relax. Instead of wondering where in her week she’s going to fit chores in, Mom can focus on the important things in life — like helping her kids with homework, or binge-watching Downton Abbey.


Red Card Blue Card Game

Parenting isn’t all fun and games: sometimes kids act up. But it’s easy to underestimate just how differently parents and children understand things, so how can a mom effectively discipline her little ones while holding on to her patience and sanity? The Red Card Blue Card Game helps kids between the ages of 3 – 8 understand the consequences of their actions, and rewards them for good behaviour in ways they can relate to. And good news for moms on the go: the Red Card Blue Card Game app is now live! The next time Junior has a meltdown in the grocery store, Mom can simply take a deep breath, whip out her smartphone and have him decide if he’d rather draw a red card or change his behaviour. Crisis averted.


Allrecipes Dinner Spinner

Moms wear many hats, from accountant to chauffeur to personal chef — and trying to please the palates of an entire family can feel like a losing battle. So what’s a mom to do when she only has two hours to spare between picking the kids up from school and taking them to soccer practice? The Allrecipes Dinner Spinner app lets you know what’s on sale in your local grocery store, suggests recipes based on the ingredients you want to use, lets you search for recipes based on criteria like cooking time, and much more. With this app, Mom can get everyone fed in a snap with no fuss.



In an ideal world, moms would get some time to themselves whenever they needed. But let’s be honest: a real day off is usually few and far between. This Mother’s Day, why not introduce your mom to a daily deal app like WagJag? She can search for spa sessions, wine tours, yoga classes and more, often at deep discounts. What better way for Mom to spoil herself guilt-free? Plus, there’s the added benefit of getting in some extra pampering time post-Mother’s Day: it would be a shame to pass up that half-off ten-pack of manicure sessions.


There you have it! We hope these apps help the moms in your life have a great day, on Mother’s Day and beyond.

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