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All All Here Are The Top Apps That Can Help Prevent Bullying, Just in Time for #PinkShirtDay

Here Are The Top Apps That Can Help Prevent Bullying, Just in Time for #PinkShirtDay

In honour of Pink Shirt Day, the technology evangelists at TheAppLabb have curated a list of the top apps that can help prevent bullying.



Developed by a 15-year-old(!), ReThink uses context-sensitive filtering technology to intuitively detect hurtful, offensive language and asks users to “rethink” if they really want to post it to social media. Research shows that when kids & teens are asked to rethink what they’re saying, they change their minds 93% of the time – effectively stopping cyberbullying before it starts.



Inspired by the tragic story of Amanda Todd, STOPit lets kids report bullying behaviours and acts as a strong deterrent for those doing the bullying. With STOPit, kids can take screenshots, record video & audio and report bullying to school officials anonymously. It also includes 24/7 access to a crisis call centre for kids who need someone to talk to. Students at schools that purchase STOPit can use the app for free.


I Am A Witness Keyboard

Bystanders play a big role in stopping bullying. That’s why The Ad Council, along with a coalition of partners, developed the I Am A Witness campaign. Kids can use the Witness Emoji, a speech bubble with an eye in the centre, to call out bullying when they see it. The Keyboard, available in App Store and Google Play Store, also contains images, GIFS and emojis kids can use to express themselves when they experience bullying.



The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration has developed KnowBullying, an app that helps parents & teachers open a dialogue with kids about bullying. With reminders to talk to kids about their day, warning signs of bullying and strategies to help your children avoid bullying, KnowBully gives you the power to prevent bullying.



Mobicip is a multi-platform app that allows parents to set controls that can protect their kids from cyberbullying. With app usage monitoring, browser history reports, time limits and more, parents can easily stay on top of what their kids are doing on the Internet from their smartphone, tablet, or even Apple Watch!


With the help of these apps, maybe one day soon bullying can be eliminated altogether.

Pink It Forward!

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