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Why should you invest in a mobile app for your event instead of a print brochure or mobile site?

As a good host, you have spent days planning your event, secured great sponsors, lined up impressive programming, sold out all the tickets… The Event has now dawned upon you. What is your priority now? You want to ensure the best possible experience for your audience, you want to engage your audience, and get them to spread the good word about the event. You also want to ensure that your audience is kept updated of all important events and announcements.

If this is you, then you need a Mobile App for your event!

A Mobile App is a great tool to engage and interact with your attendees, mainly because more than 80% of event attendees (in North America) have a smartphone.

Here are some of the advantages of having a mobile for your event VS a Print Brochure, or VS even a mobile site…

Send Push Notifications – With an event mobile app, you have the ability to send push messages to anyone who has downloaded the app. Additionally you can target these messages by location; you can send messages only to users in a particular city or at the event venue or those not at the venue or to an individual user. User segmentation can also be done based on user preferences & interests, in-app behaviour, and platforms. These notifications can also be linked to specific content.

Deliver Content Offline – You can provide offline access to the app content to your users. So even if they do not have access to wifi, they will still find all the information they need.

Superior Event Experience to your attendees –  You can create a dynamic, interactive environment for your event attendees. Provide them with instant access to event agenda, speaker profiles, news feeds, etc. Enhance their overall event experience by making their stay at the event comfortable, convenient and productive.

Real time analytics to keep improving – You can monitor and track real-time results from attendees, sponsors, advertisers, exhibitors, providing measurable insights that will help you adapt on-the-fly and provide learnings that will help improve your next event.

Convert your users into ambassadors – With an event mobile app you have the power to connect with hundreds of people through one attendee. The more people your event can reach out to, the more popular it gets. Your attendees can become your best advocates. All you need to do is to give them the tools and they will take over! These tools include ability to post to twitter using hastag, post to facebook and check-in to foursquare; Ability to share the event using social media, email, etc.

Save Trees, help the environment – Save paper and save money on printing costs.

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