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All All It’s Election Season! Here are the Top Apps to Track #SuperTuesday

It’s Election Season! Here are the Top Apps to Track #SuperTuesday

It’s the biggest day to date in the race for the White House: Super Tuesday. Sanders, Clinton, Trump and Cruz face off in 12 states in an effort to win their respective parties’ nomination for the Presidency of the United States. With so much news to follow and results to find, here at TheAppLabb we’ve made it a little easier on you to make sense of it all. These are the top apps to track Super Tuesday with.

Election NF 2016 – US Presidential Election News

One of the most comprehensive apps available, Election NF 2016 helps you follow the presidential campaign with an unbiased news feed. You can personalize your news feed with topics you care about, see video of debates & other media appearances, save stories to read later and use the in-app commenting system to discuss issues on the go.


PollTracker updates you on the races that matter the most in seconds, whether you want a detailed look at individual polls or a broader view of what’s happening now. With push notifications, interactive charts and the ability to share the latest results with your social networks, PollTracker is a great option.

all Politics

all Politics gives equal attention to the left and the right with breaking headlines, news & views, debates and political satire for both sides. It’s also a great aggregator, keeping all the news from MSNBC, Fox, Politico and more in one easy to access place.

Voter – Matchmaking for Politics

The Tinder of politics, Voter will help you hop off the fence and commit to a candidate. They’ve analyzed voting records, speeches, stances and more to help you match accurately. All you have to do is answer a few questions about your political opinions and then you’re ready to swipe through issues. At the end, a percentage will show you how closely your values align with candidates, and suggest who you should vote for based on what matters to you.

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