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How to Launch Your App Idea


As the Mobile industry is booming and many startup successes are emerging, there are a lot of App ideas that seem within an arm’s reach. But before you start dreaming big, there is some advisable homework one should do before approaching an App developer or your future investors/partners.

There are a lot of problems out there which need to be solved. There are also many ideas to be explored & executed. Then, how do you make sure your idea is actually viable and on the path to your desired goals?

Before you begin, it all starts with Planning. “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail!”― Benjamin Franklin

Hence, let’s start with the question:
Why having an App Strategy is so important?

Planning, researching, analyzing & validating are the first steps to your Mobile roadmap. Seems too overwhelming? Well, let’s understand why they are important:

  • You see a problem and come up with lots of ideas. From those ideas, you shortlist some, and a few more – to finally arrive at ‘The Big Idea’.
  • But before you get married to ‘The Big Idea’ it is important to test & validate it, to understand if this idea already exists, if you are actually solving a unique problem that has not been solved yet or offering a better solution.
  • That’s where ‘User Validation’ comes in. Understanding the user and letting them play with your idea gives great insight into whether or not there is a market for your App. But that’s not the only thing.
  • It starts with an idea and grows into a business. Whether it is a social venture or a for-profit business idea, like any business, as many aspects as possible need to be considered before taking the plunge.
  • Next comes ‘Growth Validation’ – What is your Revenue Strategy and how will you be able to make money to sustain & grow the business.
  • Which platforms do you want to choose to reach your target audience? From iOS to Android, to Wearables, the choices are endless and constantly growing, how do you make the right choices?

It is important to understand that creating a successful App is a step-by-step journey, which involves, critical thinking, user empathy & strategic decision. Shortcuts are only in movies and well, maybe a very few exceptions, but to ensure your chances of success are higher with lesser side trails, it is important to have a plan and good advisors to help you through the process.

To deliver & implement your app ideas into powerful solutions for real world success, we are always open to hearing your ‘Big Idea’.

You can find more information by watching our previous webinar on YouTube.
The presentation is also available on SlideShare.

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