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All All Mapping Applications and Travel App limitations – Check our CEO’s interview on Global News

Mapping Applications and Travel App limitations – Check our CEO’s interview on Global News


Our CEO, Kundan Joshi was interviewed by Global News on January 8th in regards to Mapping Applications and Travel App limitations. Many users have faced issues while using these Apps in remote areas. A very recent incident in British Columbia, where a runner got lost in a park, illustrated the limits of relying only on mobile technology. See our CEO’s insights about these navigation apps.

One of the key factors limiting the effectiveness of mobile travel apps is the quality of the data underpinning them.

Kundan Joshi, Chief Executive of development company The App Labb, said most navigation apps depend on third-party maps prepared by Google.

The tech company is constantly deploying staff to make sure their maps are current, but Joshi said they can’t always keep up to changing landmarks or include the kind of detail that regional cartographers would include. “To have the most accurate data becomes a big challenge,” he said.

An increasingly popular solution is social mapping tools that allow users to add information and correct inaccuracies as they travel, but even those have their limits, Joshi said.

Apps with thorough, detailed maps would exceed the strict space limits assigned by services like Apple’s App Store, Joshi said. Even if apps circumvented that limit by forcing users to download map databases separately, the phones themselves may not have space to store them, he added.

Check out the full article below, or at @GlobalNewsTo Website: Travellers beware: Don’t rely on your smartphone for directions

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