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All All Our Top 5 Featured Products from CES

Our Top 5 Featured Products from CES


The Consumer Electronic Show 2014 saw a slew of all new gadgets ranging from tables to giant television sets to tiny processor chips.The show was only open to those affiliated with the industry, and it presents previews of everything that is new in technology related products. TheAppLabb team could not attend the convention in Las Vegas, but we were covering the latest news about it on our social media!

This is our team’s input on the CES 2014 top 5 products:

1. Nvidia’s Tegra K1 Chipset:
The latest chip in the Tegra series for mobile devices brings the core count upto 192! It brings Nvidia’s Unreal Engine 4 to tablets and mobile phones, so expect stunning graphics on new Tegra devices!

2. EyeLock Myris:
The myris is a mouse side device which scans your eye. This new device brings biometric security based upon your iris to Windows PCs, Macs and even Chromebooks.

3. The June bracelet:
The June bracelet by Netatmo is the first bracelet to keep track of the sun’s impact on your skin. The bracelet alerts the user when they have had too much exposure to the sun.

4. Makerbot’s 3D Printers:
Have you ever wanted to 3D print ten items at once? Now you can! Makerbot has announced three 3D printers one of which can print 10 items at once.

5. Ford’s solar powered concept car:
Ford’s concept car is fueled entirely by the sun without depending on power outlets or charging stations for fuel. The car can last 21 miles fueled only by sunlight.


It’s always a good call to keep an eye on the Consumer Electronics Show, which of these products we will have a chance to use it on a daily basis? Leave your reply and your thoughts in a comment below and we will keep the conversation going on!

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