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All See All 3Ventium


3ventium is an event-focused, social media platform designed to support a global collection of events to share and experience through the moments that define our world.

Business Challenge

The aim of the app was to create a global community of events where all users can upload, download, and share media from all users; where the event is what they all share in common; and to enable users to discover events based on their interests and experience them through the eyes of the world.

With a current gap in the app market for a tool to assist an audience which is constantly seeking to discover events around them, 3Ventium will be a game changer. This same audience, wants to visually follow events locally or around the globe, from the eyes of the event attendees.

TheAppLabb’s Solution

Our team of designers and developers worked together with 3Ventium’s team to introduce the most user friendly “user interface” and the best “user experience” for the most expected event-focused, social media platform. 3Ventium was conceptualized, designed & developed to support a global collection of events, where users can share and experience the moments that define their world.

The app features included:

  • Enable users to create their own events and hashtags, and share them in one universal album as a collection
  • Privatize events and invite users to share it with, only they will have access to upload and download media in event albums
  • Cross platform universal albums of events allow users to upload, share, download and save media in any public album
  • See photos and videos taken by the crowd, share and download any or all of them
  • Follow favorite artists on tour, get a peek backstage, experience the red carpet and witness award shows, experience sporting events like a true fan
  • Instantly share uploads, event albums, or individual pictures or videos from 3ventium on Facebook, Twitter, or through email or SMS
  • Collaborate and participate in the global media collection to showcase events by all those attending for all those who missed out
  • Discover events nearby based on their own interests
  • Interact with fans from around the world by experiencing their events through mutually shared interests
  • Import friends from Facebook or followers from Twitter

TheAppLabb’s Benefits

3Ventium’s aim is to create a global community of events where users can upload, download, and share media from all users; where the event is what they all share in common. Our team has worked hard from concept to delivery stage of the app. Right from product conceptualization, strategy, and creating a strong product road map, followed by brilliant User experience and design, to delivery of a multi platform app for iOS and android that can attract the user and keep them engaged.



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