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All See All 42 Sports App

42 Sports App

42 Sports allows sports fans to more meaningfully engage with former and current sports players, sports experts and other fans on a game-by-game basis.

Business Challenge

There were no tools in the market to help connecting sports fans directly to their favorite athletes & no medium to target these customers. Another aspect the client had in mind was to make this tool entertaining and easy to use.

TheAppLabb team gave total assistance and worked side by side with the 42 Sports team, delivering a solution which helped the client to reach their target audience with an efficient, fun and interactive mobile app available for iOS and Android.

TheAppLabb’s Solution

The app enables fans to check their team’s schedule & upcoming games, watch live streaming of the interviews, watch expert’s insights and set reminders on their phone for the next games. A few other features available on 42 Sports App are:

  • Check your school rank: the more engagement, more points you’ll get
  • Read experts/athlete’s bio
  • Participate in contests: collect points and win rewards
  • Poll: post your opinion, see the graphic of the number of answers
  • Win badges by using & sharing the app
  • Leaderboard: view your rank against other people, access your overall points (daily, weekly, monthly)
  • Compare your ranks against people from your school
  • Social Media integration: share your rank, share your badges, share experts posts, upcoming games, game’s information

TheAppLabb’s Benefits

The final delivered product allows sports fans to interact directly with their favorite athletes, sports experts, other fans & friends on a game-by-game basis, making the entire experience more exciting, before, during & after each game. 42 Sports is a fun, engaging app and allows its users to earn points doing what they like the most – following sports and interacting with people.

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