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All See All African Music Week

African Music Week

Business Challenge

Africa’s first offshore music conference and festival, African Music Week made its inaugural debut in Toronto, one of the world’s most artistically diverse and multicultural cities. African Music Week was created by AIM 2 Impact, a non-profit organization with the goal to enhance the Canadian understanding of African music. AIM 2 Impact was looking for a mobile app to spread the word about the event and make the information accessible to the attendees.

The African Music Week main focus was to raise awareness and draw attention to the diversity of African music, while paying attention to the business structure behind the new African music movement. The first non-continental music conference and festival has featured music producers, executives and performers from Africa, converging in Toronto for this initiative.

TheAppLabb’s Solution

TheEventsApp was the app platform behind African Music Week success. The attendees could see the event’s schedule, get all the latest updates by push notifications, review a list with all the performers & speakers and purchase their tickets in advance. As the events were taking place in different locations, the app also allowed users to check all the venues.

TheAppLabb’s Benefits

The app was an essential platform not just to inform the attendees about the event, but it also raised awareness brought up by AIM 2 Impact about intensifying African music recognition in Canada.

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