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All See All Canadian Internationl AutoShow Mobile App

Canadian Internationl AutoShow Mobile App

Mobile application for the attendees of the Canadian International AutoShow – 2012.

Business Challenges

The Auto Show’s aim was to engage with the audience at the event and provide them with a rich experience.

TheAppLabb’s Solution

An intuitive feature-rich mobile application was developed by TheAppLabb, which was available across all mobile platforms.

The mobile app was interactive and easy to use and became an instant hit among the users. The app enabled the users to view the agenda, list of activities and performances. It provided the users with the ability to purchase tickets in advance. It also provided Interactive Maps of the Venue with Location Checkpoints for various zones and auto exhibits, which facilitated ease of navigation at the venue.

The app helped the organizers engage with the audience through social media integration. The users could view facebook & twitter feeds & hashtag for event. They could retweet, tweet to hashtag, like facebook page, view facebook feed & check-in to foursquare. This rich social experience transformed the audience into ambassadors as they spread the word about the event, while they were at the event, resulting in driving guests to the event and traffic to the event’s social media channels.

To better the whole experience of sharing and communicating, we had set up several metrics monitor the activity of the users on online platforms. There was a third-party dashboard tool for real time monitoring.  Our team also set up Hyper-alerts and Google alerts to track and share every mention of the words ‘Canadian Auto Show’ anywhere else on the web. Similarly, it used Tweetdeck and Hashtracking to track the activities on Twitter.

All these metrics were very useful to know about which platform or online activity was getting the maximum hits. At the same time, it helped to know from where the traffic was coming in and gave options to tap into it.


The Mobile Application was crucial to raise the level of awareness among the users and had elevated the user’s interactive experience. The success of the campaign, in retrospect had added a novel milestone in the achievement log of TheAppLabb.

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