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All See All Diversity Magazine Expo & Awards Mobile App

Diversity Magazine Expo & Awards Mobile App

The client needed an easy to use tool for participants at the expo to showcase and highlight the event. TheEventsApp Platform was the ideal solution for the client’s needs.

Business Challenge

The Expo showcases a unique fair on career, enterprise, immigrant issues and other opportunities, with seminars led by inspirational public sector, corporate and community speakers & leaders. The Diversity Expo, Awards, Magazine and related initiatives are meant to inspire, transform lives, empower individuals, businesses and organizations, celebrate leadership, enterprise and other success stories as well as integrate immigrant, aboriginal and other constituents for a more integrated mosaic.

TheAppLabb’s Solution

TheAppLabb developed the mobile application for the Diversity Expo and awards as a tool to help inform, connect and engage the participants at the Expo. The app enabled users to connect via Facebook or Twitter to the Diversity Awards. Users could also subscribe to the mailing list of the Diversity Magazine to receive all the latest updates. The app had several key features such as:

  • A schedule of the expo
  • An interactive map of the location
  • An Info Center
  • List of Award Recipients and a brief bio on them
  • List of Speakers at the expo
  • News feed from the Diversity Magazine
  • A Fan Wall to connect with other users
  • Along with other features specific to the client


An exciting and engaging tool to foster better communication between attendees, speakers & organizers at the expo, the ‘Diversity Mobile App’ helped to inform, connect & engage the participants as well as enhance the experience before, during & after the event. The app also helped the organizers in cutting down costs by reducing the need for printed material at the expo, as well as the Awards ceremony.

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