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All See All Indo-Canada Chamber of Commerce Multi Events Mobile App

Indo-Canada Chamber of Commerce Multi Events Mobile App

A multi-events Mobile App that updates & engages the members of the ICCC before, during and after the Chamber’s events.

Business Challenge

Founded in 1977, the Indo-Canada Chamber of Commerce (ICCC) is a non-profit, non-partisan organization. Its programs and policies foster individual initiatives, and the ability of members to make a significant contribution to the economic, cultural and social fabric of Canada. The main objectives of the organisation include hosting various networking events, such as business and professional seminars with prominent speakers in the areas of finance, international business and trade, information technology, and public policy, hosting Indian trade delegations and senior political and business leaders, an Annual Awards and Gala Night that publicly recognizes achievements in the community.

The challenge for the organisation was it was sending out lengthy and frequent emails to inform its members which was time consuming to prepare and not convenient for the members. They were seeking for an easy & an effective way of showcasing the different events, as well as a user friendly platform for interaction, as an added value for its members and sponsors.

TheAppLabb’s Solution

The Multi Events App Platform enabled users to view the program’s description, as well as a list of participants who are members of the ICCC. It provided users with the ability to access Materials, a photo gallery in Media and a complete information session where users can see the location, make their registration, purchase tickets, see the Annual Magazines and publications. Now the members are able to access the information related to the Chamber at their finger tips, whenever they want. And the latest information is uploaded through a simple CMS which is easy for the ICCC Staff to update.


The Mobile Application it’s a necessary tool for the ICCC monthly event participants. Once the App it’s downloaded, it’s been less effort with communicating the participants through other platforms such as email blasts and significant reduction in printing costs of brochures and folders. The push notifications it’s extremely important as it provides the access of information and updates the participant’s on the go. In addition, the app provides value to the organisation’s sponsors for additional exposure and encourages more memberships and sponsors to support the organisation.

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