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All See All TD IRIE Music Festival

TD IRIE Music Festival

A mobile solution that engaged, updated and made the audience tap to the tunes at the IRIE Music Festival 2013.

Business Challenge

The IRIE Music Festival is a vibrant event that brings the best talent to the people of Toronto & GTA, with exciting reggae, salsa, world, gospel and other tempting music. Dance, visual arts and international cuisine are some of the featured activities of the festival. The client’s main focus to offer an environmentally friendly solution to inform and send live updates to the audience before & during the event, as well as showcase the Sponsors. It was important to lead the way by taking the first step towards the technology advancement in their community events.


TheEventsApp Platform was the most ideal solution. The app enabled the users to view the schedule, a list of artists and performers, connect to social media, view videos and photos and get information about the transportation and location of the event. The mobile app played a huge role in the event’s performance. As the festival was happening at three different locations, it was extremely important for the app to be concise with all the timings, venues and performers. The attendees could share their videos & photos through social media integration and purchase their tickets in advance. The app also allowed users to purchase songs of their favorite artists from iTunes, through a feature called “Music”, and to fill the IRIE Awards nomination form, all inside the app!


The IRIE app proved to be the best channel to provide useful information to the festival’s audience, in addition to that, it saved the time and efforts of the event organizers by reducing a significant amount of the printing costs of brochures, folders & flyers.

Client’s Testimonial

“I would like to say that we had a great experience with TheEventsApp mobile app for the IRIE music festival.
It allows us to be up to the minute and it also allows us to provide people with information much faster than we would have, using our website which is a traditional way and magazines. I think it definitely now places us at the forefront, in terms of being a festival that can communicate in so many different ways, so we are quite pleased with the results.” – Phil Vassell, Artistic Director

Thank you to THEAPPLABB for fantastic app. A lot of users were very excited to find out that we had an app. They downloaded it and enjoyed it. It also gives us an opportunity to update our information easily and effectively, so we found it as a great tool to enable us reach our audience and provide them with the most update information. Thanks! – Donna Mccurvin, Creative Director

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