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All See All LocaWoka


Business Challenge

The client had an idea of a platform that would outsource busy people’s errands to reliable people that were looking for more income in Aurora & Downtown Toronto neighborhoods. “How we can enable people to basically outsource their errands and their temporary work to other people arround them who are willing, able and have skills”.

TheAppLabb’s Solution

Protected by a rating system, user profiles and self-policing beteween the community members keeps the entire platform safe and secure to use. Another system was carefully thought about: users can also purchase an insurance to make sure they are protected from damage or theft from not trusted users.

  • Build your profile, post your tasks & set the price
  • Find local and reliable people to help you
  • Pick a trusted applicant and get things done easily
  • Find all tasks using an interactive map


LocaWoka aims to make people’s lives easier and more satisfying by enabling them to ‘crowd-source’ their day-to-day errands or get assistance in tasks which they normally would not have the time or skillset to do. LocaWoka via it’s online marketplace, helps these ‘task posters’ connect with an audience that has the time, the skills and are around in the neighbourhood to assist, i.e. the ‘task seekers’.

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