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All See All Rapala Fishing Lure App

Rapala Fishing Lure App

Designed under the strict guidance of Canadian pro-fisherman like Italo Labignan, the app sets out to unlock the mystery of lure selection for a variety of fishing conditions.

Business Challenge

Rapala is currently the worldwide leader in fishing lures.
With over 2000 unique Rapala models available in Canada, it can be a hard task to determine which body shape, size or color will give you the best results.

Rapala’s team has observed that sometimes fish were not biting and this can be caused by the lure choice. They were looking for a solution to change and enhance the overall fishing experience.

TheAppLabb’s Solution

TheAppLabb has developed a distinctive solution that would benefit Rapala’s customers to get a positive fishing experience with the mobile App. Besides all its functions, The Rapala Lure Selector App has optimized the results based on species, weather patterns and other variables.

The App can also be used by anglers in 3 different situations:

  1. As a research tool: the angler may look to the app to help define a group lures that will be best suited to catch certain species.
  2. As a fishing tool: Just base the lure selections on actual real-time fishing conditions such as depth and water temperature.
  3. Besides research & fishing assistance, the app is a great shopping tool, as it helps anglers to select the perfect lure from stores, based on the anticipated fishing conditions on the next fishing trip or event.

TheAppLabb’s Benefits

The App was a great initiative and it got great reviews on both App Store and Google Play. Customers are very excited with its features and its simplicity. The app that is live now it’s not the final product yet, as TheAppLabb team is constantly getting feedback from Rapala’s team, to keep the app updated and by adding more features.

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