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All See All Urbery App

Urbery App

Urbery is a same day grocery & alcohol delivery platform available on both web and iOS app. Urbery uses a fleet of crowdsourced personal grocery shoppers, Grocery Gurus, who shop and deliver customers groceries in under 2 hours!

Business Challenge

Specially developed and designed for all the groceries store haters and super markets’ long-line haters, Urbery ‘s App not only allows customers to shop for groceries and have them delivered quickly, but it allows to do so on-the-go! Shop over 7,000 items , now also from your phone.

Urbery App is the must have tool for those who want to avoid crowded grocery stores and alcohol stores. Urbery’s shopping & delivery service, it’s done by their “grocery gurus”, a fleet of personal grocery shoppers who will shop for your order and deliver it right to your doorstep.

TheAppLabb’s Solution

Our team of developers and designers shaped the app to offer a great, fast quality service and user experience, as promised by Urbery to their clients.
Customers get groceries delivered within hours of them ordering, now – from anywhere.

To make it easier, the app customizes itself, as it behaves differently based on who is using it. The app learns that users normally consume specific products for some time and it notifies them that such product is currently on sale, or if users only buy gluten-free products, these will be also highlighted.

Some of the features include:

  • Shop through categories & subcategories: weekly deals, fruits and vegetables, meat & seafood, bakery, deli, home essentials, alcohol…
  • Shop through 2 different menus
  • View and shop for related products
  • Filter your product search: sort alphabetically, price (high to low), price (low to high), oldest to newest or featured products
  • Search for products
  • Special shops: The Organic Shop, Gluten Free, Vegan Shop, International Foods
  • Pick your desirable delivery time slot for the same day or for a different day
  • Get push notifications on weekly deals & promotions
  • View your shopping cart
  • Interact with your Grocery Guru and track your order in real-time on a map
  • Log in through social media

TheAppLabb’s Benefits

Urbery app was made to be simple, easy and fast order. The app will constantly change and new features will be added as both TheAppLabb & Urbery teams discover more about its users habits and needs. TheAppLabb team will keep improving to always provide the richest user experience and the best tool to accelerate Urbery’s services.

End Customer Testimonial

- by Sakshi26
“Love it!! Urbery is such a great service for anyone that does not have time for grocery shopping. They deliver within 2 hrs and pick out the freshest produce!! The grocery gurus take so much care in picking out the stuff. I have been a regular on the website since they launched.. So glad they have an app now!!! Love it!”



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