There were several reasons our client benefited from this type of solution. The development of the VR experience saved them a lot of time, eliminated the cost of building physical demo units, and engaged the buyer and their families resulting in a faster buying process. It also presented a more efficient way to upsell upgrade options.









The Retail App

TheRetailApp is a mobile commerce application for retailers looking to enhance their consumer experience. This mobile retail app will drive additional sales. Retailers that only have an ecommerce site are missing on an opportunity to capture their customers attention. Mobile shoppers are more spontaneous and are less inhibited to shop at the spur of the moment.

The RetailApp will access your product catalogs, track transactions and integrate to payment gateways. You can easily push upcoming promotions and reward your most valuable customers with a loyalty program.

The Realty App

TheRealtyApp is the future of real estate technology. It is designed for property developers to showcase a real life example of what their customers dream homes could look like.

Now your customers don’t need to go from location to location to check out different model homes. They can do that virtually, pick their floor plan and customize the home with features that are most important to them.

TheRealtyApp gives your customers the most immersive and interactive experience. It’ll help your clients make decisions faster and help your teams close more business.

The OnDemand App

The way people consume media is drastically changing and TheAppLabb is leading the charge to the future through our on-demand, marketplace app development, TheOnDemandApp, which powers mobile app development for on-demand marketplaces. We have taken the time to customize a mobile experience to easily satisfy the needs of your company, with the application of the on-demand services that the modern user requires.
Its robust software solutions make it ideal for startups and existing businesses. Created for the ever growing on-demand industry, TheOnDemandApp is the perfect on demand marketplace app for Services on Demand, Product Delivery on Demand Business to Business, Business to Consumer and Peer to Peer models.

The Events App

TheEventsApp is a proven application to provide results for event management company and agencies. Unlike other event applications which only updates event schedules, TheEventsApp can be used to track the attendees and the staff setting up and working the event.

For attendees, they’re push updated schedules, check in options for different break out sessions, schedule meetings and share event moments socially.

For event managers, you can use it as a project management tool to track time, materials, budget, staffing and your exhibitors.

The Learn App

The LearnApp is a mobile learning solution perfect for educators, trainers and HR initiatives. The platform can easily sync with existing eLearning solutions. It gives an opportunity for your students and or workforce to learn at their convenience.

Use the app on the go while commuting or in between meetings. Learning becomes fun when you’re rewarded with gamifcation badges.

The Travel App

TheTravelApp is an exciting breakthrough in tourism app development for travel companies, providing an interactive user interface for your target consumers. Through TheTravelApp, we have established ourself as a top travel app development company. Our team has seamless integrated our app development expertise into the travel industry.

TheTravelApp helps travellers plans their trips with ease by searching and booking flight tickets, filtering and comparing fares along with payment and notification integration on the app. TheAppLabb’s travel application development is here to streamline the once daunting travel process.

The Base App

TheBaseApp is a platform that allows anyone to create and manage their own mobile app. TheBaseApp allows you to build an app easier and faster so that you can start generating revenue.
Being the best mobile application tool, the intuitive CMS allows you to create any type of application you want. All is possible without looking at a single line of code!

The Streaming App

In our technological world, video and live TV is the future. TheStreamingApp pushes possibilities of video and live streaming. As a top tier livestream application development company TheStreamingApp grants user access to all digital content, including live TV streaming and movies.

Give your end users the content they want and not the junk they don’t care about!