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All All TheAppLabb Featured on the Cover Page of Desi News

TheAppLabb Featured on the Cover Page of Desi News

TheAppLabb has made the cover of the September 2016 issue of Desi News, with a two-page feature where CEO Kundan Joshi talks about why we do what we do, what’s next in technological innovation, and offers advice to young and aspiring entrepreneurs.


Desi News September 2016 cover featuring TheAppLabb


The article, titled “In Pursuit of App-iness”, covers TheAppLabb’s expertise in mobile app strategy, design & development as well as work with emerging technologies like artificial intelligence, virtual reality and augmented reality. Bringing to life our passion for making people’s lives better with technology, the article details how our apps make a positive impact not only on our clients, but on everyday consumers. Writer Shagorika Easwar also covered how we apply Moore’s Law (the idea that computer speed and performance will only get better) every day, and the ever-increasing number of technological innovations we’re excited about integrating into our apps. As Kundan says in the article, “After all, technology is just an ally, the experience should be comfortable enough to be adopted on a mass scale.”

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The article closes out with a little background on Kundan and the early beginnings of TheAppLabb when we were just “…a bootstrap organization, working out of our basement”, to our present-day status as a dynamic global tech company with six offices spread over three continents. Kundan offers several pieces of advice to new entrepreneurs, among them encouragements to step out of your comfort zone, avoid pigeonholing yourself, and take risks. Perhaps most importantly, he stresses that entrepreneurship “…is not easy. It involves sacrifice, a lot of hard work. So your foundation, your vision, must be very strong.”

Our thanks to Desi News for this great feature – read it for yourself here!

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