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All All TheAppLabb partners with Bitcoin DECENTRAL Accelerate Program

TheAppLabb partners with Bitcoin DECENTRAL Accelerate Program


TheAppLabb is now partnering with Bitcoin Decentral in Toronto! This initiative works as a Startup Accelerator for decentralized applications. Bitcoin Decentral makes a direct investment in each startup in the program, and creates partnership with a 7% equity stake.

Bitcoin Decentral Accelerate is a three-month startup acceleration program, where the startups can work together and get the benefits of in-house legal counsel and the assistance of expert mentors, investors, and business owners with experience in the cryptocurrency space. Startups will receive these benefits, plus an upfront investment in cash, in exchange for 7% equity.

TheAppLabb is a Mobile Product Development Partner, assisting with Mobile App Strategy, Design & Development at Bitcoin Decentral Accelerate Program!

Kundan Joshi, CEO at TheAppLabb, is also the CO-FOUNDER/CTO of CoinFeet, which is the only mobile marketplace for Bitcoin products and services. Coinfeet is a mobile platform that allows anyone to advertise products and services in exchange for Bitcoin and is also the most convenient and risk free way of obtaining Bitcoin in exchange for a Product/Service.

You can find more information about the BitCoin Decentral Accelerate program here.

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