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All All TheAppLabb’s Recap of Toronto Innovation 2017

TheAppLabb’s Recap of Toronto Innovation 2017

On Thursday October 5 2017, Toronto Innovation, a community initiative led by TheAppLabb, was launched with over 150 of the top innovators, disruptors and catalysts of Toronto in attendance. Welcomed by beautiful sunny weather, Toronto Innovation was announced on a boat cruise while overlooking the Toronto skyline as the sun was setting. With 4 hours of networking amongst top innovators, disruptors and catalysts along with complimentary dinner, drinks and live music, it’s safe to say the launch of Toronto Innovation was a huge success!

JAG_0582 (1)toronto-innovation

Home to some of the most globally successful startups as well as ambitious entrepreneurs and innovators that are out to make a change, the City of Toronto is constantly proving itself to be an emerging leader in technology and innovation. Toronto houses great talents, school support and phenomenal ideas. In hopes of making Toronto the hub of innovation, Toronto Innovation brings together the top innovators, disruptors and catalysts. Together, we can drive change through innovation.

Following the success of Toronto Innovation, there will be more events to come in the future! Many initiatives are starting to form as Toronto Innovation is launching in full force. A Toronto Innovation Series on YouTube is set to launch soon. Manjit Minhas, a Canadian entreprenuer and CEO of Minhas Breweries & Distillery, gave the series a jump start with our very own interviewOther upcoming events includes an ‘Innovators vs Disruptors’ panel discussion, workshops for leaders and annual awards for Top Innovators!



There are many ways for you to get involved with Toronto Innovation. You can be a guest on our upcoming Toronto Innovation Show, a speaker on the discussion panel, Keynote speaker, sponsor Toronto Innovation or be a part of the Steering Committee!

TheAppLabb is a leading product innovation firm focused on strategy, design, and custom mobile app development. Contact us at events@theapplabb.com to get involved today!

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