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All All Top iOS 10 Feature Updates

Top iOS 10 Feature Updates

At WWDC 2016 last month, Apple showed off some of the key features they’ve added and improved on for iOS 10. Now that the public beta is available, we can finally see some of these features in action! They still have a few kinks to work out before the full release, but Apple’s added some intriguing features that give us more options, and help make our lives easier by embracing the power of innovations like AI and IoT. Here are some of the most interesting feature additions and updates in iOS 10.

Siri Now Open to Developers

Everyone’s favourite AI voice assistant can now play with others — Apple is opening Siri up to third-party developers. This means you can ask Siri for help with some of your favourite apps, and she can deliver. Need a ride? Ask Siri to order you an Uber or Lyft to your desired destination. Can’t text because you’re rushing to meet friends for dinner? Now Siri can send a WhatsApp message to let them know you’re running late. This update opens up a world of possibility, and new ways for AI to streamline and improve our day-to-day lives.


IoT is here to stay, and Apple has added a dedicated app for controlling HomeKit-compatible appliances. Home allows to you control every compatible device in your smart home, from Nest thermometers to August smart locks, from one dedicated hub with a simple tap of the finger. Home’s best feature is called Scenes, where a single command from you activates a customizable, pre-set routine. For example, on your way out the door, you could simply tap your ‘Work’ preset and Home will take care of locking the door behind you, turning off specific lights, and adjusting the thermostat. Whether you ask Siri to close the curtains at night or adjust the light levels at a dinner party with 3D Touch, you’ll always be in full control of your connected home.

Raise to Wake

Apple has totally redesigned the iPhone lock screen: no more slide-to-unlock. Instead, as you lift your phone it will automatically spring to life, making it simple to glance at your phone and see what you’ve missed. You can use 3D Touch to dismiss notifications, reply to messages and double check your next appointment without unlocking your phone, saving time by keeping the information you need easily accessible.

Removable Stock Apps

Does anyone honestly use built-in apps like Stocks, Tips and Reminders? Most of us have tried to cut down on home screen clutter by hiding little-used apps away in a folder we rarely open. Well, with iOS 10 many pre-installed apps are now removable! Use a different weather app, or prefer Gmail’s dedicated app for your email? No problem. With iOs 10, you can delete the apps you don’t want with the option to download them again later if you choose. Fair warning, though — your user data gets deleted along with the app, and you can run into other issues such as weather no longer syncing to your Apple Watch.

Universal Clipboard

Not as glamorous as some of the other features, the Universal Clipboard will nevertheless be a welcome addition to iOS 10. Finally, you’ll be able to share content across all of your Apple devices without fussing around with AirDrop. As long as your devices are all logged into the same Apple ID and running iOS 10 or Sierra, text, photos and even videos you copy to your clipboard will automatically be sent to iCloud, ready for you to paste on another device. This simple update replaces third-party solutions with an easy-to-use native application.

iOS 10 is still in beta, so you may want to hold off on updating your iPhone for now — developers are still working out the bugs, and some of your apps may not function properly. However, we don’t have much longer to wait: the full release is expected in the fall, and more updates could be in store.

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