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All All Watch our CEO Kundan Joshi address privacy concerns in mobile apps on CityNews

Watch our CEO Kundan Joshi address privacy concerns in mobile apps on CityNews


New Facebook Messenger Policies Raise Privacy Concerns.
TheAppLabb CEO, Kundan Joshi was interviewed by CityNews reporter Stella Acquisito to share his insights about the newest Facebook Messenger App, its features and the privacy concerns behind it.

Watch him address privacy concerns in mobile apps!
The interview went live all across Canada, on August 12th, 2014 on City News Channel 7 in Toronto.

If you use Facebook on your phone, you may have noticed that is now mandatory for you to download the separate Facebook Messenger App, in order to send and receive messages. The application does come with many more features, like voice messaging, texting contacts on your phone, and making free phone calls. The main concern for users is a list of things Facebook Messenger needs access to, for example your contacts, photos, and microphone.

Kundan says – “It has a lot of features. So, more features means more permissions that they require to access. They have the ability for you to record your voice and send it to a friend. You need access to microphone to do that.”

It may feel scary to give Facebook access to your entire phone and all your personal information, but some local app developers are saying “not to worry – it seems scarier than it is, and that’s all because of the way it’s presented. Specially on Android devices.”

Kundan says - “If you look at the iOS, the iPhone App for Facebook Messenger, you will get that particular permission, to access your audio recorder or your camera, when you are using that particular feature, whereas in Android you have to accept all the permission before hand.”

Facebook may be taking the heat, but it’s important to know that many other apps like Snapchat, Instagram,  and Chrome Web browser are all requesting access to the same features. Despite concerns, Messenger is currently the number 1 downloaded free app at the app store.

Watch it on City News Website.

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