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    As a top iPhone and Android development company, we kick off the project with a discovery meeting to understand your goals and plan how we can help you achieve them. Collaboratively, we develop a sound, product strategy that meets your requirements and scales for growth. By analyzing current customer interactions, performance metrics and market position relative to existing trends, we discover new opportunities for your app and help you ideate and bring your product to life.
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    We lead several brainstorming sessions to foster ideas and analyze your project needs. We create a plan to realize your vision and ensure your app is successful. Through our ingenuity and creativity, we will create an intuitive app that provides a better human experience. We help you determine how to navigate and capitalize on your investment.
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    We will conduct primary and secondary research to identify and analyze the competition. Through our deep dives we’ll have a better understanding of the receptiveness for your App. In addition to market research we will provide a business case and an ROI analysis. We combine innovative tools with traditional research expertise to guide the development strategy.
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    Creative App Strategy

    By ensuring the right technical infrastructure is set in place, we implement a variety of techniques to increase customer engagement with your app. Our approach couples qualitative assessments with quantitative scenario forecasts – to evaluate upfront and ongoing investments in technology, people and processes. In the end, the marketed app will provide a better user experience – ensuring stickiness and high user engagement.

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    User Experience

    Mobile app design goes beyond visual effects and aesthetics. It is characterized by the relationship between the product and the user. Our talented artists and designers develop various creative directions for your custom app that aligns the product goals with your business objectives. We provide transparency to our clients by providing an ongoing, feedback loop.
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    Brand Development

    By combining a classic brand strategy that addresses traditional advertising and digital media, we can provide our expertise with developing relevant campaigns. We assist brands and businesses by driving user engagement and frequency to your app.
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    User Interface Design

    User acquisition and retention are the key objectives. Our UI follows intuitive design processes to provide a better humanized experience for your customers.
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    Technical Architecture Design

    Having the right architecture in place is crucial! Investing in quality design upfront, can simplify future updates, reduce support costs and get users adopting your app faster with higher engagement.

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    Multi-Platform Development

    We use industry best practices such as agile, iterative and waterfall models, for developing, multi-platform solutions. Our solutions architects and developers collaborate to produce flawless engineering products. Whether your are looking into iOs, Android or both, we will foster the development of your mobile app.
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    Quality Assurance

    Our QA team ensures that the App is developed as per the functional requirements. Our team tests usability and performance to ensure that your app will scale for future growth.
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    App Maintenance & Support

    Once development is completed and accepted by you, we launch the App to the market. We ensure scheduled updates and maintenance – your app is continuously delivering value to its users. Regardless if your customers are on an iPhone or Android device, we will maintain and provide expert care We are your partners!
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    App Marketing

    Our marketing team will help develop a pre-launch, launch and post-launch strategy, to ensure that your mobile app ranks high in the app marketplaces. We can help you with local and global targeting to attract the customers you’re targeting.

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    Test Plan and Cases

    Mobile app testing is an essential part of the development process regardless if it is a simple or a complex project. Our QA (Quality Assurance) team tests your app at different stages to ensure that is performing optimally for any iPhone and Android platform.
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    Acceptance Testing and Support

    The road ahead is paved in data. Our usability tests provides actionable insights to improve and optimize the user experience. Data provided through tests will drive feature enhancements and processes.

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    Digital Marketing Strategy

    Our comprehensive social media campaigns bring organic and paid media together to drive holistic marketing success. Launch strategies include targeted outreach and public relations, ensuring that all marketing objectives and business goals are met.
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    With an increasingly complex communication landscape, consumers discover and define brands through multiple touchpoints. We help brands navigate the social conversation, engage customers and generate media coverage.
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    Relationship Management

    Building brand advocates through relationships with bloggers and other influencers helps brands create authentic connections with new audiences. We assist brands in forging these partnerships to reach influencers’ followers and engage communities.
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    Our experienced data analysts help track the progress and quantify the results of your social efforts. You will receive comprehensive analytics reports that tie social success back to business goals, marketing objectives and KPIs.

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    OnGoing Product Development

    We prioritize continuous delivery over time, which allows us to integrate real user feedback, collect data and improve the end product based on new insights. We provide strategy, consulting, solution architecture, cross-stacked solution development and quality assurance all in-house. With a solid foundation in existing technology stacks, databases, content management systems and e-commerce systems, we bring our expertise to existing projects and nimbly adapt to new challenges.
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    Feature Updates and Feedback

    Being a long term partner with you is important to us. We don’t leave once the product is live. We continuously help improve the product to provide a better experience for your customers. We deep dive into the user data and look at their app behaviour – this gives us a better understanding of areas that need to be enhanced. By understanding a user’s journey, we can create a roadmap for improvements to drive more adoption and retention.
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    Market Changes

    By looking beyond the product itself to consider the industry, the competition and the context, we are able to generate new ideas for what is technologically possible and then implement them in ways that are viable for businesses and operationally stable. At the same time, our products are living, dynamic entities that are responsive to market shifts.



Our pre-built app platforms allows our clients to seamlessly customize their app, offering a feature-laden, easy-to-use product to their users.


The InnovationLabb is a research and development lab that explores and builds emerging technology platforms and solutions.


The StartupLabb is unique program that allows TheAppLabb to partner with high potential startups to provide assistance with product development and corporate development services.



TheAppLabb always surpasses expectations in their delivery. The work done for ICCC was well executed and of high quality. The app helped improve the overall presence and value of ICCC
--Sunil Jagasia
We are extremely happy to have partnered with TheAppLabb for our official Mobile Application Development for the Canadian International Auto Show. We proudly sailed through with the innovative and co-operative assistance from TheAppLabb.
--Auto Show