Empowering SMBs: Caary’s Innovative Approach to Streamlining Credit and Spend Management

Caary is a fintech company dedicated to transforming the credit and banking experiences for small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs). With a focus on innovation, Caary aims to provide SMBs with advanced financial tools to streamline their credit and spend management processes.


  • Fintech Strategy Development
  • User Interface Design
  • User Experience Design
  • Custom Software Development


  • Financial Services

The Challenge

Caary identified a significant gap in the market for credit and spend management solutions tailored to the needs of small-medium organizations. They approached TheAppLabb with their initial concept, seeking to develop a solution that would address these specific challenges.

The Solution

TheAppLabb played a pivotal role in bringing Caary’s vision to life. The collaboration involved:

  • Strategizing and Ideation: TheAppLabb team worked closely with Caary to strategize and map out the digital experience of their mobile app.
  • Development Management: After a setback with a previous development partner, Caary re-engaged TheAppLabb to oversee the remainder of the application’s development.
  • Relaunch of Platforms: The partnership extended to the relaunch of Caary’s Onboarding, Mobile App, and Admin Portal platforms, focusing on user-friendly designs and improved functionality.
  • New Features: The revamped platforms included key features like expense management and spend control tools, enhancing the overall user experience.

The Impact We Made

TheAppLabb’s involvement with Caary led to the successful launch of a robust financial platform for SMBs. The new mobile app and web platforms have significantly improved the way SMBs manage their finances, offering intuitive and efficient tools for expense management and spend control. This transformation has not only streamlined Caary’s services but also positioned them as a leader in fintech solutions for SMBs, contributing to their growth and expansion in the financial technology sector.

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