Powering Convenience: Canada’s Leading Energy Company Elevates Customer Service and Energy Solutions

Canada’s Leading Energy Company, a prominent figure in the national energy sector, is dedicated to enhancing customer service and convenience. As a subsidiary of a major energy corporation, they focus on providing top-tier retail and wholesale energy products and services.


  • Digital Insurance Strategy
  • User Interface Design
  • User Experience Design
  • Custom Software Development
  • Integration and Compliance


  • Financial Services
  • Insurance

The Challenge

The company aimed to develop an app that would revolutionize the customer experience by allowing users to collect loyalty points, fuel their vehicles, and make payments directly from their phones, thereby enhancing convenience and customer engagement.

The Solution

TheAppLabb was entrusted with the task of designing and developing a comprehensive mobile application. The app’s key features included:

  • Loyalty Points System: Enabling customers to effortlessly collect and manage loyalty points.
  • Pay-at-Pump Options: Facilitating direct phone payments for fuel purchases.
  • Car Wash Activation: Integrating car wash services within the app for user convenience.
  • Station Locator: Assisting users in finding the nearest gas stations.

The Impact We Made

The mobile app developed for Canada’s Leading Energy Company achieved significant milestones:

  • 2 Million Downloads: Demonstrating its widespread acceptance and popularity.
  • 4.7 Star App Store Rating: Indicating high levels of customer satisfaction and positive user feedback.

The app’s success in enhancing the customer experience has not only bolstered customer loyalty but also established the company as a frontrunner in digital innovation within the energy and retail sector.

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