Advancing Digital Excellence: Empire Life Enhances Customer Service and Innovation for a Brighter Future

Empire Life, a top-tier Canadian Life Insurance company, offers a wide range of life insurance, investment products, and employee benefits. Known for their commitment to customer satisfaction and innovation, they sought to elevate their digital presence to better serve their clients.


  • Digital Insurance Strategy
  • User Interface Design
  • User Experience Design
  • Custom Software Development
  • Integration and Compliance


  • Insurance
  • Financial Services

The Challenge

Empire Life faced two major challenges due to the absence of a mobile application:

  1. Market Leadership and Revenue Growth: They aimed to gain a competitive edge to increase overall revenue and acquire new customers.
  2. Customer Convenience: Empire Life sought to provide their customers with the ease of accessing insurance information anytime, anywhere, enhancing user experience.

The Solution

TheAppLabb was engaged to develop a comprehensive solution that included:

  • Strategy and UI/UX Design: TheAppLabb’s team suggested multiple improvements to the original design idea to enhance the digital experience.
  • Development: A feature-rich hybrid mobile app was developed using React Native, focusing on MVP development, feature enhancements, integrations, and compliance requirements.

Tech Stack:

  • Backend: React JS, React Native

Key Integrations:

  • Core Banking Platform: Scotiabank for EFT.
  • Payment Platform: Scotiabank and Moneris.
  • Email Notifications Server: SendGrid, Google Campaign Manager.
  • Fraud Prevention Tools: Empire Life’s in-built solution.
  • Communication & Push: Integration with emails and SaaS tools like DocuSign.
  • Compliances: AODA and WCAG 2.1 AA, Auth0 2.0.

The Impact We Made

The mobile app developed for Empire Life significantly improved their digital service delivery. It addressed their challenges by enhancing customer convenience and positioning Empire Life as a leader in the digital insurance space. The app’s success in providing easy access to insurance services and its compliance with key industry standards marked a significant step towards Empire Life’s goal of digital transformation and market leadership.

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