Empowering Athletes: A Game-Changing Mobile App Transforms Team Formation and the Sports Community

Team’d faced the challenge of connecting athletes with compatible skill sets to form balanced teams. TheAppLabb’s innovative solution involved a custom mobile app that categorizes users by skill level, integrates chat functions, and offers social media logins, maps, and synced calendars. This approach not only fostered a dynamic athletic community but also reinvigorated the sports experience, making Team’d a hub for athletes to connect, play, and form lasting friendships.


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The Challenge

One of the main challenges the client encountered was finding a solution that could connect people with compatible skill-sets. Our team had to come up with a solution that could determine the skill-sets of each user to ensure that the playing field was equally matched. Other challenges included integrating proper communication channels for athletes to communicate, create and organize teams with each other. 

The Solution

Our solution was to develop a custom mobile app that would allow players to easily connect with people with similar skill sets to form a team. To do this, our team decided the best method was to categorize users by skill level. We also integrated chat abilities between individuals and groups and the ability to setup profiles. Other features included the ability to login with social media, a map and a synced calendar.

The Impact We Made

Team’d has not only created a social sporting app but has created an athletic community. This iOS and Android mobile app has been very beneficial in connecting athletes with each other and in encouraging athletes who were frustrated with team building to play more. Team’d has also created another outlet for people to make friends who share the same interest. 

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