Master the Art of Lure Selection: Rapala’s App, Crafted with Expert Guidance from Italo Labignan

Rapala is a worldwide leader in fishing lures. Designed under the strict guidance of Canadian pro-fisherman Italo Labignan, this app sets out to unlock the mystery of lure selection for various fishing conditions.


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The Challenge

The Rapala team was in search of a solution to change and enhance the overall fishing experience by providing a way to give anglers the right tools to work with. There are over 2000 unique Rapala models available in Canada; it can be a hard task to determine which body shape, size, or colour would give users the best results. The Rapala team concluded after close observation that fish were likely not biting due to an improper choice of lure. TheAppLabb team considered their concerns to create a platform to solve the challenges faced by creating the world’s first fishing lure app.

The Solution

TheAppLabb created an offline solution that allows the app to be available in remote areas. This mobile app solution provides optimized results based on species, weather patterns, and other variables increasing the productivity of anglers. We designed an interface suited to accompany the vast lure selection organized in a way to help anglers quickly define the most appropriate lures that would be best suited to capture certain species. Features include checking the fishing conditions and species selection and an e-commerce solution where the app would connect to the appropriate stores to purchase lures.

The Impact We Made

The Rapala app helped to increase brand loyalty and provided a useful tool for anglers. It has received great reviews on both iOS and Android platforms. To this day, TheAppLabb remains devoted to improving the app and its features. 

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