Streamlining Studio Operations: PS Productions App Simplifies Prop Rentals and Booking Schedules

PS Productions is an app designed for production studios to book their prop rentals in an efficient manner. This App is designed to optimized to help them find and book schedules to allow studios to operate more efficiently.


  • Mobile App Design
  • Mobile App Development
  • Rental Process Optimization Strategy
  • Efficient Search and Booking System
  • Rental History Feature


  • Retail
  • E-commerce

The Challenge

Production managers at movie production sites wanted an App to make orders of production equipment and parts for rental. Efficiently acquiring equipment is the key to creating a timely schedule for shooting scenes. The time lost between finding the right equipment, booking it, and receiving it costs the production studio time and ultimately money.

The Solution

TheAppLabb created an App which allows movie production sites to order their desired equipment with ease. This App has created efficient search systems within an app. AppLabb has compiled a list of categories and subcategories commonly searched when production studios are looking to rent equipment. Lastly, this app hosts a history system which allows studios to see what they have rented before, in order to aid with reshoots, where the studio needs exactly what they have had before.

The Impact We Made

Production managers now have ease of access and increased efficiency when it comes to timing their rentals. This ensures that their timeline follows the schedule that they want.

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