Unlock the Magic of Gifting with Gift Jeenie: Your Ultimate Social Gifting App for Every Occasion

Introducing Gift Jeenie! A social gifting app that takes the guessing out of gifting. Founded by seasoned entrepreneurs Vikram Chopra and Gerard Maynard, the Gift Jeenie app allows users to be able to share their wish lists with friends and family while connecting with major e-retailers on the back end. Gift Jeenie is the ultimate gifting app, great for holidays, birthdays or any occasion making Gift Jeenie a timeless tool.


  • Mobile App Design
  • Mobile App Development
  • E-commerce and Retail Strategy
  • User Experience Optimization
  • Data Capture and Affiliate Tracking


  • Retail
  • E-commerce

The Challenge

The Gift Jeenie team saw gift-giving as an underserved niche in the market and wanted to expand on it. However, there were a few challenges our team faced with developing the Gift Jeenie app. The challenge was how to solve the problem of helping retailers connect and target their customers online. We needed a way to provide high-value data to retailers as tracking purchases and user behavior across two operating systems was a challenge Given the number of features Gift Jeenie has, optimizing user experience was also a challenge as we had to make sure users were able to quickly and efficiently navigate the app. Also monetizing the app was a challenge as it is with most apps and Gift Jeenie was no exception. 

The Solution

We investigated and implemented a variety of solutions including data capture for sale, affiliate tracking such as Amazon affiliates and partnerships with retailers to drive traffic to their products. To overcome challenges with user experience, we set up focus groups and performed user testing by interviewing real users which allowed us to optimize the experience for the target market. Some of the many features of Gift Jeenie include creating and sharing your wish list, recording and writing personalized gifting messages, and the ability to see what’s new and trending in the market.

The Impact We Made

Gift Jeenie has been quickly gaining popularity being featured on Global news on the “gifts for mom” segment, Wifi Hifi magazine’s App of the Month for July, Canada free press, techuntangled.ca and technofile.

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