Transform Your Commute with Change Transit: The All-in-One Mobile Platform for Enhanced Travel Experiences

The Change Transit mobile platform enhances the commuter travel experience by combining transit information, news, weather data, social media connections, and entertainment. Whether on the rail, in-flight, or on the road, Change Transit offers a superior travel experience while creating a monetizable platform for transit operators to deliver better services.


  • Digital Innovation Strategy
  • Transit Information and Engagement Features
  • Transit Operations and Payment Management


  • Retail
  • E-commerce

The Challenge

While there are several individual travel apps aplenty, TheAppLab partnered with Change Transit founders to create a transit experience enhancement app with a suite of features catered to entertaining, aiding, and assisting travellers. TheAppLabb combined digital innovation and mobile innovation by creating a platform that combines social networks, news, and weather data feeds to deliver a personalized travel experience for commuters. The platform operators wanted to create a mobile solution that would create monetization vehicles for transit operators and provide an intuitive dashboard that lets them understand the customer better.

The Solution

TheAppLabb developed a suite of features for in-transit users to maximize convenience and entertainment during their travels. The solution stack primarily comprised the following core features: 

  • Transit Maps and Information: The app provides integrated travel maps, rate details, schedules, delay updates, etc., to give commuters real-time transit information. 
  • Engagement: The app provides live local and international television streaming, radio and podcasts, social media integration, movie rentals, etc. 
  • Transit Operations Control: The App has features that allow damage reporting, travel analytics, customer behaviour view, advertising engines, etc. 
  • Fare and Payment Management: Features like fare management, and payment reloading are available in the app via a multi-lingual interface. 

The Impact We Made

Change Transit App allows transit operators to launch branded transit apps that directly impact both commuter experience and the revenue and profitability metrics of the transit operator. Some of the core benefits include the following: 

  • Increased Engagement: The app has increased the quality of commuter experience and therefore increasing ridership on specific transit lines. 
  • Optimize Costs: The Change Transit App optimizes operating costs for transit operators through an innovative revenue-sharing process. Commuters can carry out several transactions without face-to-face engagement. 
  • Profit Sharing Platform: Change Transit has a revenue-sharing program that allows transit operators to earn more revenue through programs run on the app, thereby increasing monetization opportunities. 
  • Social Network on the Go: The app is not just a transit information app. It takes advantage of the convergence of social media, news, and data feeds to create a social network on the go for commuters. 

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