Driving Excellence: KIA’s Automotive Survey App – Shaping the Future of Customer-Centric Innovation

Introducing the KIA Automotive Survey App, a pivotal tool in our commitment to understanding and fulfilling our customers’ needs and desires. As a leading automotive brand, KIA has always been dedicated to delivering excellence in both products and customer service. This innovative app has played a vital role in collecting invaluable insights, enabling us to tailor our vehicles and services to better align with the expectations of our valued clientele.


  • App Design
  • App Development
  • Customer Feedback Strategy
  • Survey Engagement Features
  • Data Collection and Analysis


  • Retail

The Challenge

Kia wanted to create an easier way to capture feedback and data from potential Kia customers. If Kia is to remain innovative, they must be innovative in the way they approach their customers, so they need to update the way they gather data. TheAppLabb was challenged in making this survey app a success by creating a platform that customers are used to using and enticing enough to drive customers to take the survey.

The Solution

Our team came up with the idea that to entice potential customers to take the survey they needed an anchor that would draw them in.  

TheAppLabb came up with the idea to embed a contest into the app to get users interested in taking the survey. Customers would take the survey and be entered in a contest for a chance to win $1,000 in gas. We also decided to provide the best user-friendly experience to design the app for iPad. This included a simplistic interface that would be easy to interact with and that asked questions relevant to gathering the data Kia needed.

The Impact We Made

The Kia automotive survey app was successful in increasing the number of surveys taken by potential customers. The app also provided more exposure to the automotive company and provided another outlet for advertising.

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