Elevating Retail Employee Training: Samsung’s Mobile Gamification App Sets a New Standard in Corporate Learning and Performance

Faced with the challenge of enhancing their retail employee training, Samsung partnered with TheAppLabb to develop a mobile gamification app. This innovative solution, featuring leaderboards and rewards, not only made training engaging but also significantly improved sales performance and employee motivation, setting a new standard in corporate training techniques.


  • Strategic Training Solution
  • User Experience Design
  • User Interface Design
  • Gamification Development


  • Retail

The Challenge

Samsung needed an app to provide training for their retail employees on the go. They were in search of a training technique that would help engage and motivate their employees. TheAppLabb was challenged to come up with a training program solution interesting enough that would encourage their employees and possibly be adopted in other departments.

The Solution

Our solution was to create a mobile gamification app that would motivate employees to train promptly. We integrated leaderboards and rewards as some of the features of the app which would encourage employees to be more eager to train while still learning merchandising information.

The Impact We Made

This app helped increase the efficiency of Samsung’s training program which resulted in better sales performances overall. The app also motivated employees to train promptly and on the go which likely helped them meet their sales quotas.

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