Leading the Office Space Revolution: Teknion and TheAppLabb’s Groundbreaking Windows Touchscreen App Redefines Planning and AR Experiences!

Teknion, aiming to revolutionize office space planning, partnered with TheAppLabb to develop a Windows touchscreen native app for interactive floor plan visualization. The challenge was to enable multi-user interaction and feedback in real-time. TheAppLabb’s solution not only streamlined the design process but also opened doors to future AR platform development, transforming the way office spaces are planned and experienced.


  • Strategic Planning
  • User Experience Design
  • User Interface Design
  • React Native Development
  • Augmented Reality


  • Financial Services

The Challenge

Teknion wanted TheAppLabb to create a Windows touchscreen native app that allows users to view a floor plan of an office workspace with a specific furniture layout. Our team was challenged with the integration of multiple users being able to execute steps at once from the front-end user experience.

The Solution

Our team came up with a solution to seamlessly enhance both the user and admin experience of the Teknion App. Users connect to a Windows touchscreen native app, that will provide the ability for users to view the floor plan of the office workspace with the furniture layout in a visual format. Users can provide feedback for a particular section of the room by providing ratings and comments. Admin can view feedback as an exported CSV file. Admin can also replace the floor plan with a new image. 

The Impact We Made

Users are able to virtually customize their space to troubleshoot different layout ideas and their feasibility. Offices have the ability to plan layout changes with ease and efficiency. Admins are able to offer feedback on the presented design over the app. This project creates the opportunity to develop an AR platform for users. 

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