The Ultimate Beef Guide: Canada Beef Inc. Launches the Roundup™ App for Buying, Cooking, and Savoring Canadian Beef

The Canada Beef Inc. is an independent national organization representing the research, marketing and promotion of the Canadian cattle and beef industry worldwide. The Roundup™ App, provides the ultimate pocket guide to buying, cooking and enjoying Canadian beef!


  • Mobile App Design and Development
  • Culinary Content Strategy
  • Interactive Features
  • Community Engagement Tools


  • Retail
  • E-commerce

The Challenge

The Canadian Beef Inc. was in search of a way to enhance and sustain the profitability of Canadian beef producers. People who would find the information useful such as chefs or restaurateurs were missing out on a lot of important information. TheAppLabb was challenged with the solution to accommodate users who would find value in the information and the Canadian beef industry. Our team accepted the challenge to cultivate ideas to provide the technology that would properly accommodate the Canadian beef industry and market.

The Solution

We developed an app solution that provides step-by-step guidance on beef cuts, recipes and cooking videos to safely prepare beef for proper enjoyment. With a simple navigation feature, the app assists the user from the meat counter in the supermarket, all the way to the kitchen, walking the users throughout the whole cooking process and experience. The features of this app include recipes and meal ideas, tested and accurate cooking and beef buying tips, cut descriptions, tenderness guidelines, and an interactive beef-cutting chart with descriptions of each beef cut. The RoundUp app also allows users to be able to search steaks by name and includes how to videos on beef preparation, tips on safe storage and nutritional benefits. Users have the capability to add recipes and tips to their favorites, access contests, events, news, and are able to connect to the online community for further support.

The Impact We Made

The Round Up app was able to increase the overall brand loyalty, customer engagement and partner engagement. This app has become the go-to platform for the beef industry and has proven to be valuable for the beef community.

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